Thursday, September 17, 2015

Why Consider Using a Menstrual Cup?

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When I was a teenager I used pads and tampons just like every other girl in middle school. Hiding tampons in my pocket, or up my sleeve, while slipping into the girls room. Somewhere around age 13 I learned that they use CHLORINE to bleach feminine products, along with other harsh chemicals. I was in shock. I knew even as a young girl that one day I would want to have kids, and in no way was I going to gamble with my fertility by letting the most vulnerable part of my body be regularly bombarded with chemicals. So, I switched to organic tampons and pads.

Fast forward years later, after switching to a whole foods organic diet and getting connected with the natural minded crowd, I started hearing about this thing called a "menstrual cup." It is a rubber like cup that you insert while menstruating, empty out as needed, then clean, store and reuse for years.

This is one of those things I danced around for years. Intrigued, but also a little weirded out.

I learned more. About menstrual products and applicators ending up in landfills. How for a woman .5% of her personal landfill use is from feminine products. That over the 38 years a woman menstruates, 62,415 pounds of landfill trash is generated. I started to like the idea of doing my part in my little corner of the world to decrease this number, and help preserve the environment.

Then, being in my starving college years, I looked at cost. I figured out that within a few months I would break even with the investment, and be saving money. That was also an appealing prospect.

In 2012 I watched the video below, and she explained it so simply that I finally went out and got my own- and never looked back. It took a couple of cycles to really get used to it. It is so convenient, easy, comfortable, cost effective, environmentally sound and natural. Plus, no toxic shock syndrome risk! Who knew that one little change could make such a big difference?

I cannot express how much I love it. Not only that, every woman I have encountered who has made the switch loves it too. These aren't exclusively women from the deodorant making, oil pulling, organic eating crowd. Just everyday chicks reaping the menstrual cup benefits.

So for your health, the environment, and your wallet, take the time to consider making the switch yourself.

<3 Kelly

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