Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Whole Food Meal Ideas!

I genuinely feel like there is nothing I can't eat. Which is ironic, because I do happen to have things that I don't eat, I just never feel deprived. Personally I do not eat white sugar, am gluten free, vegetarian and lean away from dairy and eggs.

When we learn about eating whole foods, or staying away from processed foods, often we can initially feel overwhelmed. I literally have people ask me "what do you eat?!" It really isn't hard, its just a matter of starting the habit. Every now and then I like to post a day of eating to give simple meal ideas.

<3 Kelly

Organic Bananas 
gluten free toast with coconut oil and raw honey

organic salad, organic garden tomatoes,
organic ground flax (for omega-3's!) and dressing
Organic Baked Beans

Treat (not a whole food!)
Gluten free waffles, coconut butter,
 organic coconut sugar and organic agave maple syrup

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