Monday, September 14, 2015

Mind Watching - A Family Affair

Reverend Lee Catalano

The most powerful thing I have ever learned in my life is that there are two very distinct realities happening in the mind.  You can call them light/dark...ego/christ….negative/positive...whatever you call it ...the single most important thing you can learn is to recognize it inside yourself.
At 28 I opened up A Course in Miracles and what a relief to discover life was coming from me and not happening to me.  Everything I was and am experiencing is coming from my thoughts.

My kids now 30, 26 and 12 would agree that the single most important thing that I have passed on to them is “mind watching.”  My daughter Robin says “When I am feeling down the most important thing that I can do is extend myself to others.”  This is a very powerful statement if you look at it more closely.  I have observed Robin watch her mind and offer only words that are filled with innocence and acceptance to others.  In turn she is one of the most consistently happy people I have ever known.

When our thoughts are filled with resentment...self abasement and is important to learn to do or say NOTHING.

My little son Cavan understood the concept of “pain body” and changing his mind at 3 years old.  He was able to spend 3 minutes in his room and turn himself around.  According to Eckhart Tolle pain body is an energy force inside each of us that is fed by negative thinking and emotion.  We can learn with focus and determination to dissolve it within ourselves.  Acting from a mindset of pain body leads to an experience of more pain body.  This is right in step with Jesus telling us to choose from a  place of innocence with the Holy Spirit.  We also see it written in Abraham’s words telling us not to do or say anything when out of the Vortex.

Mind watching means that you keep to yourself...don’t tell sad stories for the sake of telling them and wait for it to pass.  Jesus teaches us “this too shall pass.” He was speaking of a low state of mind.  He doesn’t need for us to do or say anything...we just need to be kind to ourselves and allow it to pass.  

When we are feeling out of the Vortex of happiness and innocence around here some of the things we do to remember are ...this too shall pass, meditate, listen to inspiration, take a nap, take a hot bath, exercise, make healthy food, watch an uplifting movie, do something for someone else. 

Most of all don’t do anything self speak harsh words...or indulge in addictions and NEVER get down on yourself for needing some self LOVE….Self Love is the Love of God and it is your inheritance from Heaven!

Love The Revie xo

AKA Lee Catalano

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