Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Avoid Being a Slave to Our (even good) Habits

Im a big advocate for Self Love. In fact I am a firm believer that without Self Love we can't truly love
others. There isn't one blueprint for it, generally it is moving away from habits that are detrimental to ourselves, and moving into loving, nurturing habits. In our minds moving away from a place of shame, and into an experience of innocence.
My sister Robin and I after our first half marathon

For me Self Love looks like eating an organic, plant powered, whole foods diet. Making and using the most natural, luxurious, personal care items such as lip balms, deodorant, body butters, etc. Drinking an abundance of clean water on the daily. Meditating (Wayne Dyer's "Ahh" meditation is amazing). Expressing my creative nature via art, knitting, music. Exercising, nourishing my body and spirit.

Though these things are all wonderful and great, it is also important to not make a God out of them. To still be able to be centered and connected to that light that is within each of us even if we can't go through the motions of these activities.

For example, about a month ago I hurt my back. An old injury I received years ago got tweaked just the right way so that I was unable to run, or even walk for that matter. I LOVE to run. It is my go to happy place. It helps me free my mind and get clarity. It is meditation in motion. It keeps my booty firm. Keeps the endorphins bumpin. Its a fun challenge, and a joy.

No mas.

In the past this would have been material for major bumming out. Anxiety even.

Instead I made a choice. Yes, I love to run, and yes I feel happy when I run. I remembered that though this is true, running isn't my sole connection to that light source within me. It is a helpful tool, but not a necessity. That life is about ebbing and flowing and this is just going to be my time to ebb with running. Have patience and know that this is a time for rest.

Life is all about change, and being able to stay connected to that light, happy place through these changes is freedom. Its a balance of taking the best care of ourselves possible in each moment we find ourselves; sometimes Self Love is chilling out on those (even good) habits.


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