Tuesday, July 7, 2015

"Us vs. Them" Choose Peace instead of Conflict

This past Sunday at church the minister spoke the most amazing truth in context to gay rights. He spoke about how many people are thrilled, and now say that they need to work against "the forces of evil" who are trying to undo the right for all to marry.

He pointed out something very eye opening. That those who are working to undo gay marriage ALSO believe they are working against "the forces of evil."

This is a perpetual rock fight of "us vs. them" found in many contexts of life. We are the good guys, they are the bad guys, and we just keep throwing rocks at each other.

The minister said that God created us like a bouquet of flowers. There is a variety; roses, lilies, violets, daisies, baby's breath, etc. We have different views and ways of seeing each other.

That its time to be the first one to lower those rocks. To Love.

Mind you, the minister is himself a gay man.

This sermon has really stuck with me while I have been going about my everyday life. That very night after church I started to feel frustrated when the neighbors were partying loud, late into the night, right outside my window when I had to wake up early the next morning for work. Then I though, there it is already, "us vs. them." A chance to lower those rocks.

I just started reading a book, JFK and the Unthinkable: Why he died and why it matters by James Douglas. Right in the preface he speaks about  the Cuban Missile crisis and what saved this world from nuclear war was JFK reaching out to Khrushchev (the Communist USSR leader, who placed the nuclear weapons in Cuba) for peaceful resolution. How instead of seeing each other as forces of  "evil", they were able to humanize, and even respect each other, which lead to peaceful resolution.

President John F. Kennedy made the choice to be the first to lower those rocks of hate. It literally saved the world.

So, I want to be vigilant to do my part in putting down those rocks, and bringing more peace and understanding to the world.

<3 Kelly

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