Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Is Your Eyeliner Routine Causing Wrinkles?

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My makeup routine is pretty simple: eyeliner and mascara. A healthy, organic, natural minded friend really rained on my parade when she let me in on a beauty secret: that applying eyeliner everyday creates wrinkles. The way we have to hold our eyelid to apply the eyeliner pencil in a straight line. This motion, performed daily, is an invitation for wrinkles.

Then, I made a wonderful discovery. Applying eyeliner with an eyeliner brush! No need to even touch my eyelids, the brush does all the work, and gently.

Not only that, I have discovered that I like the way it comes out even better then I did with a pencil. Plus, this container of  eyeliner gel lasts for months, where before I was having to purchase a new eyeliner pencil every few weeks. Which means I am saving money!

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Its a win/win/win situation. This method  preserves the youthful smoothness around the eyes, looks great when applied, and it saves money!

Also, it is essential to pick naturally derived beauty products. Especially when it is an item used daily. Everything we put on our skin gets absorbed right into our bloodstream, which goes right into our cells. This specific eyeliner is mineral based and cruelty free!

Don't take my word for it, give it a try yourself!


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