Thursday, May 28, 2015

This Too Shall Pass

I would classify myself as a spiritual junkie. Daily I take the time to listen to spiritual talks (big fan of Abraham Hicks), fall asleep to meditations (Louise Hay), read inspirational quotes on the daily (bible, Buddha, a course in miracles, etc) and do the best to apply what Im hearing in my daily life.
Though, sometimes its easier than other times. Sometimes we get a little "trapped" in a less than stellar feeling place.
This is when I just keep the faith. That little voice in the back of my head that says "this too shall pass." And guess what? It always does! 
That's the time to take it easy on ourselves. Do the best we can with self love. And if we slip up, and maybe act not so nice, still be easy on ourselves. We are doing our best.
It is so important to remember, even if our eyes aren't showing us yet, that everything is working out in our favor. When we remember this, it always does.

<3 Kelly

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Carrot Juice as Sun Protection?

Simple tip I've just started implementing again as the summer and warm weather approaches: drinking fresh pressed carrot juice daily to protect my skin from sunburn. I have posted before about how poisonous sunscreen is (read blog post HERE). This is a natural sunscreen alternative that I not only have had great success with, but I have had friends tell me that they tried it as well and how wonderfully it worked for them.

my Breville juicer!
My mom did this when I was a child. She drank carrot juice every day and would sit out on the beach next to my Sicilian step-father, no sunscreen, and her Irish skin never got burned. I have been implementing this the last few summer, no burns. Then this year, after being so sun burn free, I thought I was okay to sit in the sun for a couple hours on one of the first warm days (without being in a juicing habit) and burned so bad it turned into a rash. Started firing up that juicer right away!

The beta carotene creates a protective layer under the skin, it actually makes you look a little tan (I call is the "carrot glow"). The past few summers the only time I have used sunscreen is when I have been spending an entire day at the beach, then I would use mineral based or homemade sunscreen.

The method is super simple. Just 5 organic carrots per day. Sometimes I will add an apple and or green vegetable (cucumber, kale, celery). Just a little bit, with the daily consistency, does the trick. And it is just an extra 10 minutes a day from pulling out the juicer, juicing, to cleaning it after. So worth it!

Don't take my word for it, give it a try yourself!