Monday, April 27, 2015

Go Underwire Free for the love of your Boobies

Three years ago I learned three simple things a lady can do in her everyday life to keep her boobies healthy.

1. Step away from circulation constricting underwire bras
2. Switch to a NATURAL deodorant (here is my favorite, and it works better than any conventional deodorant I have ever used: DEODORANT )
3. Eat a diet rich in organic whole foods

Pretty darn simple. No need to be in fear for our lady parts when making healthy choices can be so easy.

When I first learned this I immediately dedicated myself to being Underwire-free, though I had great insecurities. I was an Underwire push up bra junkie. Plus, no one was selling them, so I would go to the juniors department in Target and buy their bralettes. 

Fortunately they have now become in style, and can be found all over the place in various grown up fabrics, prints and styles! 

Even more awesome is the hack I just learned via Pinterest. That any Underwire can be removed from any bra, making it an Underwire free bra. Wow!  My old bras that have been collecting dust can come out of hiding!

Just cut a small hole, and pull the Underwire out just as pictured above. Super simple!

It is these everyday, seemingly small, choices that have the greatest impact on our health.

<3 Kelly

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

FoMu: BEST ice cream

It is true that dairy free does not mean a life without ice cream. Stores such as Whole Foods and Trader Joes are  packed with ice creams created with decadent almond/soy/coconut milk and sweetened with organic sugar.

Though, sometimes a girl wants to be able to go out and order a strawberry ice cream with chocolate jimmies in a cone. Then walk down the sidewalk or sit on a bench eating it. FoMu in Allston, Ma offers exactly this!

What stands out for me is that unlike many ice cream shoppes that are starting to offer dairy free options, this place uses ORGaNIC sweeteners!! (white sugar is one of my never eat items. I fought too hard to get out of anxiety to flirt with that devil).

PLUS more places around the city are starting to serve up their ice cream. Yay!

Here is the link to the website where you can read more about their ice cream, and find the closest place to you to give it a try this spring and summer.

Bonus, an amazing plant based restaurant, Root, is two doors down from the original FoMu Shoppe.


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Harvard on the front of the Health Tide

Harvard's "Healthy Eating Plate" 
Since returning to school after two years off to pursue my masters degree, I have been put back into the Harvard mix of things. I am very happy to see, in just a few months, a number of lectures pertaining to health and the environment. Already I have attended "Just Food? Forum on Justice in the Food System" hosted by Harvard Food Law Society and "Food in the Age of Sustainability" hosted by Harvard's School of Public Health. In addition to those, other events I have been unable to attend have been happening including "Green Exchange: Beauty Industry" about the toxicity in beauty products hosted by Harvard Extension Environmental Club as well as a vegan protein food tasting hosted by Harvard food services. There is definitely an awaking happening on campus.

Just two years ago I was an anomaly with my mason jar filled with green smoothie, and now I'm seeing other people walking around with them as well. Plus, a new juice bar is opening right in the heart of Harvard Square!

It is very cool to be in the presence of some of the brightest people in the world, focusing their energy on food in order to resolve our health crisis, preserve the environment, and feed the people of this planet. Talking openly about how government representatives aren't making the laws, corporations  are. About cross pollination between big corporation and government.  Discussing issues of obesity, hunger, the unnaturally low cost of fast food items such as McDonalds because of GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIES that make it cheaper to make, and sell, this unhealthy food items. People talking about educating others on health while simultaneously working to change policy. Showing examples from other countries that were in an impoverished state, and the local government implemented laws that created an environment in which ALL people now have access to affordable, nutritious food (this happened in Brazil). I even attended a lecture that focused specifically on veganism.

It is thrilling and exciting to see the seeds of change being planted and tended to.