Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Eat Real Food

It is healthier to be a whole foods meat eater than a junk food vegan. Okay, I went there. There are those who may be pissed off or shocked by me saying it, but its true.

Just a few short years ago, after going plant powered and experiencing amazing results I thought what I was doing was THE WAY. I had experienced amazing results myself, seen them in family members, done thorough research and read testimonial after testimonial online.

Now I have learned, from meeting different people and researching in different directions, that there are more than one path. ONE thing that is consistent is EATING REAL FOOD.

Meaning, stay away from processed, genetically modified, sugar laden, poison "food" and get into organic whole foods. Foods that aren't highly processed (or not processed at all).

Some bodies do better on high fat, others on low fat, some on no grains, some on high starch, some raw vegan, some paleo, some vegan, some macrobiotic. Find out whatever feels best for you, and do it.

A great tool is this food list made by "The Raw Foods World" (completely vegan raw food eating family/ health food pioneers and business owners~an aside, they sell the best organic maca) who talk about how you can still have good health eating cooked food, and even meat! Here is their comprehensive list, that can easily be brought to the grocery store as a new shopping list:

Personally, I will not be consuming meat for both moral reasons (if I couldn't process the meat myself definitely don't feel right eating it) , as well as sustainability reasons (did you know it takes 2,500 GALLONS of water to produce 1 pound of beef?!). 

For our health, and the preservation of our resources, collectively we need to get back to the basics of whole, real, organic foods. To read more about the importance of organics check out my post here: "Why Organic?"

Live Long and Prosper,

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Harvard's "Food System Challenge"

Martha Minow, Harvard Law School Dean
I was walking through Harvard Law School, and flipped open to something in their "Harvard Law Bulletin" that greatly pleased me. In the tradition of Harvard-wide challenges, this year Harvard Law School (HLS) sponsored the event for the first time putting forth the "Deans' Food System Challenge." Martha Minnow, Dean of the Law School, called for proposals for, "making the food system healthier, more sustainable and more equitable, both in the United States and around the world" (HLS Bulletin vol. 66 num. 1 p. 11).

Each team has been asked to address one of four topics:
1) food production
2) distribution and markets
3) improving our diet
4) reducing food waste

Come April finalists will be chosen and receive $5,000 to put towards their proposal. In May $50,000 will be distributed between one winner, and up to four runner ups, in order to put their proposals into action. 

Herbs for HUDS
individuals picking herbs from Harvard Community Garden
This challenge came in collaboration with Harvard's Food Law and Policy Clinic. I am very excited to see what initiatives come out of this challenge. Equally as pleased to see some of the most brilliant minds shining a light, and looking for resolution, for a fundamental  issue facing society today.

I will follow up with the winners as they are revealed. 

Here is to better food, better health, and overall better well being. 


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Simple Meal Ideas

Frequently I am asked, "what do you eat?" And my answer in short it, "a lot of things." I dont feel deprived or like I am missing anything at all. Some people genuinely have asked me for food lists and such so here is just an example of one day of eating. Just to give some ideas.

As a basis I eat a diet free of gluten, refined sugar and meat. I mainly stay away from dairy and eggs as well, but once in a while they get into my diet. I also never count calories. Im a firm believer that when we feed our body wholesome real food, it takes care of the rest. Sometimes I eat more than this, some days less. These are just some food ideas.

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daily morning shake (will make a post about that later) organic ripe bananas, larabar

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organic salad, gluten free toast

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organic gluten free pasta and dairy free cheese

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Daily: plenty of clean water. One Fiji and one Camelbak bottle full about 80 oz

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Daily Vitamins! Multivitamin, Probiotic and 2 hair, skin, nails vitamins

.......and thats it! Ill post again another day to give more gluten free/refined sugar free/ vegetarian meal ideas. 

<3 Kelly