Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dry Brushing! Cheap and Easy Supermodel Beauty Secret

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 So, super cheap and easy supermodel beauty secret is.....dry brushing! I first heard about dry brushing after switching to a plant powered diet several years ago. The raw foodies are really into it. Then I hear about it from paleo friends, wellness peers, yoga acquaintances and have heard supermodels (like Miranda Kerr) credit their glowing skin to this simple, cheap, routine. 

Some benefits I have picked up on over the years:

-stimulates the lymphatic system
the lymphatic system is in charge of eliminating waste on a cellular level with our bodies. there are hundreds of miles of these tiny tubes within our bodies. this process of waste elimination is known as "lymphatic drainage."

when our lymph system gets clogged it causes toxic waste buildup. which in turn causes illness and inflammation. 

how many times do we hear about the importance of exfoliation? very often. this is the best means to go about it because it is natural. no plastic beads from body washed being washed down the drain, polluting the water system. no harsh chemicals harming and drying out our skin. just one simple little brush, that can be used over and over. 

exfoliating is so important because it removed dead skin cells, and promotes cell renewal. which means soft, smooth, bright skin! yay!

-reduce cellulite 
dry brushing softens hard fat deposits below the kin and distributes fat deposits evenly. it also removes toxins that break down connective tissue, causing cellulite. if your REALLY looking to reduce cellulite, rebounding for twenty minutes a day will help work wonders too (read more here).

-improve digestion, kidney function and immune system
back to it clearing out the lymph system, these are some of the bodily functions that are positively effected by that.

-stretch mark prevention and reduction
i have read many testimonials from people who dry brushed during pregnancy and didnt get stretch marks. i also read women who had stretch marks, dry brushed and slathered on coconut oil, and greatly reduced the appearance of stretch marks. non-believers becoming believers.

basically dry brushing leads to smooth radiate skin and a healthy, balanced body!!

how to do it:
organic body butter
-starting at your feet, do long circular motions towards your heart
*always brush towards your heart, finally learned that is because lymph system follows that same path
-hop in the shower to wash off dead skin
-best to alternate between hot/cold water to stimulate blood circulation (personally, I have never tried it)
-slather on a natural moisturizer if desired! (my organic body butter is my favorite!)

*I use a dry face cloth on my face and neck

A personal note, dont be afraid of doing it wrong. Just give it a whirl. During the summer I would brush at night and follow by slathering on coconut oil head to toe (didnt know you were supposed to shower). Now I just take a quick ten minutes before jumping in the shower to brush, and Im loving the quick convenience of it. 

When I dry brush, my skin is super soft and smooth. Even during this extreme winter we are having here in Boston! (historically my legs have been very dry and itchy) Ive also found it to be invigorating, which is why I stopped brushing at night (would be up til 2 am after, full of energy).

Also, I bought my brush, that looks just like the brush pictured above, at whole foods years ago for less then $5, and its still going strong. Every now and then I just shampoo it, like I shampoo my hair, to get it super extra clean. Well worth the investment, just cant beat the price and results. 


Monday, February 2, 2015

How to Make Fire Cider!!

I just made my second round of this concoction, and I'm pretty excited about it! Before getting into the "how to" I wanted to briefly touch on the the benefits of fire cider. This healing tonic, which is also a folk remedy that has been kicking around for centuries (just my kind of thing!).

-it is an overall immunity boosting elixir
-it is great for staving off cold and flu when taken regularly
-when a cold or flu is contracted, it is good at helping to recover quickly
-can be rubbed in to soothe sore muscles and aching joints
-soak a clean cloth in fire cider and place on congested chest
....to read more about the benefits of each specific ingredient follow this link Fire Cider Info
(there is just so much detailed wonderful information I thought I'd just direct you to someone who has already written it all out)

So now to the good stuff, hot to MAKE fire cider! For only $20!
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You will need:
1 large onion
10 cloves of garlic
2 oranges
quart of Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
Raw Organic Honey
(get as many organic ingredients as possible)

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1/2 cup grated ginger
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1/2 cup chopped horseradish
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1 large onion, chopped
                                   Displaying photo 2.JPG
                                                1/2 cup tumeric, grated 
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1 habanero, sliced 
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10 cloves garlic, minced
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combine ingredient in mason jar, pour in quart of apple cider vinegar

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I store mine under my desk

(zest of 2 oranges is not pictured)

Seal the mason jar, and store in a dark place for ONE MONTH (yes, it takes a little time). Shake it around whenever you think of it. After one month, strain the chunks out of the concoction. The remaining liquid is what you want.  Add 1/4 cup ORGANIC RAW HONEY. Mix it around and voila! You have your very own fire cider.

I take 1-2 tbsp each day. My favorite is to mix it with equal parts organic olive oil and Braggs liquid aminos for an amazing salad dressing. Before adventuring into fire cider I had been drinking organic raw apple cider vinegar daily for its health benefits, and find drinking it as fire cider is much more palatable. I actually enjoy the savory, vinegary, yet zesty taste. 

Also, if you want the benefits of fire cider, but dont have the patients or time to make it, there are companies you can purchase it from. Check out your local health food store or farmers market and ask for it. 

<3 Kelly
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at the end of the month I end up with two of these babies