Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy AND Healthy Halloween

Let me start by saying that I completely and totally adore Halloween. I love everything about it. Costumes (how can I girl pick just one??), parties, creepy (but not gory) movies, carving pumpkins, toasting pumpkin seeds, transforming the house into a haunted house, parties, dancing, and did I mention costumes?

I realized that one thing I DONT associate with Halloween anymore is candy (I know, weird, right?). Just the thought of how much candy is being collected and consumed by children across the nation tonight makes me cringe a little.

This is coming from a girl that no Reeses Cup was safe around (I literally used one as a model for an art project in high school). I would judge how much I enjoyed reading a book by how much chocolate was smudged on the pages (if I enjoyed a book I would undoubtedly have a chocolate stash within arms reach). I mean, candy and I were inseparable.

Along with candy I also had anxiety and acne, and I could not for the life of me figure out why. Then, I started reading into the connection between sugar and anxiety/depression (Sugar Blues by William Dufty really opened my eyes). My mind was opened to life without the sweet confectioner.  At first it was fricken hard as hell; I fell off and on the wagon many many many times. Until one day it wasnt hard at all. I really realized this last night, dressed as Wonder Woman sitting at a bar, the bar tender handed me a bag of Halloween candy. I had had a drink, so if ever I was going to be tempted this would be the moment. Emotionally, it was the equivalent as if he had handed me a stack of napkins. The temptation literally just isn't there anymore. 

Im not at all saying to have a Halloween (or life) without treats, but I am saying there is always a healthier alternative. Part of what keeps me away from candy that you can pick up at CVS is that it is literally poison. More than sugar (which is enough in itself) are many many unmentionable ingredients. Just look at the wrapper and try to pronounce all of those words. Bad News.

It could be as simple as limiting how much candy is consumed. If typically we allow ourselves (or our children) an endless supply, pick a limit and stick to it. Throw everything else away. I bribe my eleven year old brother, I say if he hands over the trick or treat bag I will bring him to whole foods and load him up with treats there.

slice organic apples. blend coconut dates.
Which brings me to my next point- alternatives! Try something organic, not genetically modified, gluten free, etc. I think you may be surprised to find that it is MORE delicious then that synthetic stuff. Walk through the chocolate aisle at Whole Foods, they have amazingly scrumptious things over there.

Here's a super simple caramel apple recipe. Slice apples. Blend coconut dates in blender (add a little water if necessary) Voila! Maybe sprinkle some nuts, coconut shreds, or organic chocolate pieces if desired. I was really suspicious when my mom told me about this, but when she handed it over to try I became a believer!
Happy Halloween!!

Having a healthy body and peaceful mind are every reason to want a happy and healthy halloween for ourselves and loved ones!

Tonight, we fly!

<3 Kelly

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Food Isnt Everything

you are what you EAT and THINK
Food isn't everything. Dont get me wrong, it is super important and plays a BIG role in our overall health and well being (more than most of us realize). That said, it still isnt everything. Someone can do cardio for one hour a day, drink organic green juice for breakfast, eat an organic plant  based vegan diet with no processed foods, sugar, or gluten. They can oil pull, body brush, use all natural products and drink plenty of water every day. BUT, if their minds are out of whack, they wont have a sense of wellness, and are less likely to be healthy.

What we THINK has a HUGE impact on our health. Both physically and mentally. Years ago I read an article about how our THOUGHTS effect the PH in our bodies. Negative thoughts make our PH more acidic, while positive thoughts help to neutralize our PH. Our PH is vitally important because disease thrives in an acidic environment.  So even if we are eating super clean, and have amazing habits, our stinking thinking can literally be making us sick and unhappy.

Not only do studies show this, but you can see it by looking at someone. Ive seen those angry vegans; They eat healthy, exercise and DO all the right things, but I cant help but be repelled by them. They're all about being right, and making other people WRONG. They have an edge, and you can see it on them.

I certainly am nowhere near perfecting this, but I do my best to keep this in mind and improve on it. To not get caught up in going through the physical motions of health, while neglecting the people around me. In my everyday life to show up ready to give a hand or time to those around me. To watch how I am thinking about people, and if there is an edge catch and correct it ASAP. What does it matter if I ate a whole head of organic kale today if I come home, and blow off my eleven year old brother thinking I have more important things to be doing?

Clean eating is the first step to wellness, but as our bodies get cleared out from the sugar and chemical stimulants it become important to be mindful of how we are feeding our minds.

<3 Kelly

Monday, October 13, 2014

Jump to Lose Weight, Tone Up and Detoxify

Want to lose weight, tone up your body and detoxify? It is literally as simple as jumping on the trampoline (aka rebounder) for 20 minutes a day. That's pretty doable. I have read over and over that you can see drastic results in only 6 weeks of doing this consistently.

I was not particularly into jumping on the mini trampoline, I never really gave it much thought. Generally, I prefer to go for a run outside to get my cardio and fitness fix. Though, last winter, when it was so bitter freezing out I fell in love with this bouncy tool. I like to workout first thing in the morning, get my sweat on, then clean up and get on with my day. When its below freezing at 7 am (my usual running time) this is just not going to happen. So, I tried out jumping instead, and a whole new world opened up to me! (dont get me wrong, I still love running, but its nice to have multiple options in the morning).

So, whats so special about rebounding? (jumping on the trampoline). What makes it different than other forms of cardio?

1. Its fun! I have friends who HATE running (and cardio in general), who were so psyched when I turned them on to the mini trampoline.
2. Its low impact on our knees and other joints.
3. It stimulates our lymph system, which helps the body clean out toxins.
4. Oxygenates the bodies cells, disease cannot fester in an oxygen rich environment.
5. Improves elimination (if you know what I mean).
6. Tones the body.
7. Decreases body fat.
8. Dramatically improves (even eliminates) cellulite.
.....and more!
$38 Trampoline

When it comes to purchasing a rebounder some are better than others. There are rebounders that cost as much as $400, they're supposed to be very low impact, no springs, made in USA, super magical, etc. They can also be as inexpensive as $38 (follow the link below the picture- it has pretty good reviews too!). Personally I have an urban rebounder (purchase here), which is somewhere in the middle, and I have been very happy with it. 

Jumping is so quick, easy, fun and effective, whats not to love? Try it out for six weeks and see for yourself.

<3 Kelly

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

All About Maca

Maca belongs to the radish family. It is a root vegetable that is grown in Peru, and is often seen, and consumed, in powder form. People have raved about maca for thousands of years (dating back to ancient Inca!) because of its ability to boost energy, libido and balance moods.

What makes Maca different from other energy boosting products is that is does not tax the adrenal glands. It is able to work with the body in an effective, and sustainable, manner to improve endurance. It is also able to work with the body to balance its OWN hormones naturally (without the assistance of pharmaceuticals). It has been shown to be effective in helping women transition through menopause, improve menstrual cramps, boost fertility, balance mood disorders such as anxiety and depression, and put a little kick in the libido of both men and women.

Organic Maca
Maca is power packed with vitamins and minerals. It is loaded with vitamins B, C and E. There is a power house of calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and amino acids. All of this makes it a great resource with those suffering from anemia, the iron helps restore red blood cells. The calcium keeps bones and teeth healthy. People have also seen an increase in muscle mass when consumed alongside an effective exercise regime. Individuals who suffer from acne have even seen their skin clear!

Personally, when I am on the ball, I take a teaspoon a day mixed into my daily smoothie. It can also be mixed in with juice, tea, water, sprinkled onto cereal, anything really. I have searched high and low for the best product (USDA Organic) at the best price (2 lbs for $18!), and I have posted a picture and link here (it is very popular so sometimes get back ordered).

Dont take my word for it, see for yourself what people have been raving about for thousands of years!

<3 Kelly

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Cosmetics Are Toxic

Cosmetics being toxic is not something that really occurred to me before changing my diet. I just used my makeup, lotions and potions without giving it much thought. I totally bought into (literally) the advertisements, and was convinced that these products would make me beautiful.

Once I changed my diet, and started to see behind the curtain, I started having second thoughts about the products I was using. If we have been misled so greatly about the food, then why would the makeup be any different? What I uncovered is the vastness of the lie we are being sold.

First of all, the ingredients themselves are toe curling. Especially because 70% of what we put ON our skin gets absorbed into our bodies!  It can be a little overwhelming when we first look into it. These ingredients, found in products we use every day, lead to skin problems, fertility issues, birth defects, learning disabilities and even cancer. It's important to take a look at and understand which ingredients to avoid. Doesn't matter if it's in pretty pink wrapping, and Kate Moss is selling it; poison is poison no matter what form it is sold in. Below is a visual for some of the ingredients to avoid.

Secondly, the cruelty that animals go through to get us these prettily wrapped items is heartbreaking. They live their miserable lives strapped down getting burned and poked and prodded to get us that "just right" mascara. Personally, I do not want anything to do with an item if that's what went down in order to get it to me. If I buy that item, I am supporting these practices. I always look for a "no animal testing" label.

The big kicker of the whole thing is this toxicity and torture are completely unnecessary. Natural products, that are GOOD for us, and don't harm anyone are available, and just as effective (if not better!).  If your feeling overwhelmed just go one item at a time. We don't need to turn our lives upside down in one sweep. Personally I got natural replacements as items ran out. The first step is just knowing what is going on. It is important for us to be aware of the effects the little things we do every single day have on both ourselves and the world. It's these little things that make the biggest difference.

<3 Kelly