Friday, September 12, 2014

Natural Deodorant That Works Better Than Dove!!

Back when I was a teenager, and first using deodorant, my mom warned me not to use deodorant with aluminum in it. She said that it causes Alzheimer. So, off and on I would be conscientious of what brand I was using as to avoid this ingredient. Though, I wasn't diligent. Mainly because I didn't really think it was THAT big of a deal, and it didn't seem worth it if I was going to end up smelling stinky.

Then, a few years ago I had a wake up call. I dont remember who, but someone pointed something out to me. They said look at your armpit. Now look at your breast. See how close they are? Anything that you put on your armpit, every single day, is going right into your breasts. This was my "HOLY CRAP!" moment. No wonder breast cancer is so rampant! We are literally smearing on these toxic chemicals, every single day. This was even bigger than aluminum and alzheimer, this is a chemical cocktail of poisons and cancer.

What is so great about it is that the power is in our own hands! Just changing ONE thing we do everyday will do wonders for our health.

So that is when I made the change to natural deodorants. No, they didn't work as well as the ones I bought at CVS (I tried many, many different brands, some better than others), but I also didn't smell outright stinky either (thanks to eating a plant based vegan diet!). I did have a dirty little secret though; I kept a small container of traditional deodorant for emergency situations (nights out dancing, going for a run with a cute gentleman friend, date night, etc).

That is, until I discovered the best natural deodorant EVER! Even BETTER than my secret CVS bought deodorant. I could apply in the morning, be active all day, go out dancing, go for a run the next morning and STILL no stink; and no re-appying since the morning before. My CVS deodorant was never THAT good.

That is when I threw away that toxic emergency situation deodorant. No reason to NOT use natural when it both works better and is healthy.

Guess what? Its also cheap, and super easy to make yourself. Here goes:

6 tablespoons coconut oil
1/4 cup baking soda
1/4 cup arrowroot powder OR cornstarch
optional: essential oil  (tea tree, lavender, cedarwood, etc)

1. combine baking soda and arrowroot or cornstarch
2. mix in coconut oil
3. add essential oil
4. scoop into deodorant tube or any other container


*note: in the summer, coconut oil becomes liquid so deodorant will not be solid. It can either be applied with fingers OR add beeswax (1 tbsp grated beeswax, and only 3 tbsp coconut oil, melted together, then add dry ingredients) to solidify it*

Or, if you're lazy/ busy and dont feel like taking the five minutes to mix this together, you can buy some already made here:

Here's to little changes that make a BIG difference!

<3 Kelly

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